1. What can I expect from the Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream?

You can expect beautifully softer, smoother, moisturized, repaired, revitalized, and rejuvenated skin wherever you try this anti-aging cream.

2. How do I know if the cream is right for me?

The key to our cream is our active ingredient Bioquantine; it helps the skin look and feel restored, regenerated and renewed. Our cream has a luxurious formulation for deep  hydration and ultimate skin regeneration. With Kakadumu plum, Polyglumatic acid, and Bioquatine, The cream brings back elasticity to the skin, helps to promote healthy skin that looks plumper, feels soothed, more supple and ultimately get's rid of wrinkles via a unique scientific formulation. We would recommend this formula for all skin types; it is also ideal for night time routines and offers the ultimate shield against dry climates. On the other hand, The cream has a fast-absorbing and weightless formulation that helps keep skin plumped with luminous hydration via soothing Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. The cream targets the signs of aging and is perfect for normal, combination and oily skin types. Ideal for a nighttime routine, the cream leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soothed especially in humid climates. If you require further assistance, our team is here to help, email them directly at support@regeneragebeauty.com

3. What makes Regenerage different from other 'store-brand' anti-aging creams?

Regenerage Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream does more than soften and smooth your skin—it's designed to be a multivitamin, or "superfood" for your skin also referred to as the fountain of youth. We hand-selected these organic ingredients specifically for their minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other incredible skin benefits. For example, Swertia Chirata extract is the latest discovery in self-regenerative skin rejuvenation technology. Coming from Indian Gentian leaves, has been specially formulated to encourage skin cell growth, targeting pigmentation and uneven skin tone, creating a bright and luminous complexion. Kakadu Plum being the richest source on the planet of vitamin C and antioxidants to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Polyglutamic acid is 10x more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid and far more elastic than collagen for powerful skin hydration and protection.

Our ground-breaking ingredient Bioquantine provides 94 peptides, optimized by evolution and nature. Our formula is the first and only product on the cosmetic market that enhances skin with so many active peptides - Regenerage is the powerful result of an evolution in peptide science.

The science of skincare technology keeps advancing, but significant labels keep putting the same products on shelves. Why? Because investing in new formulas is time-consuming, and most customers won't know the difference. At Regenerage, we're leveraging new advances to provide products that work better than those in the past. After all, that's how advancement works!

4. How can I best use the cream as part of my skincare regimen?

Apply our cream on cleansed, toned and dry skin. The Advanced Cellular Renewal Cream is formulated to target a variety of skin issues including, redness, dehydration, loss of elasticity, pore size,  fine lines, and wrinkles; therefore, our anti-aging cream suits as an all in one product. For optimal results, our cream works best if our active ingredient Bioquantine is the first point of contact with the skin. If another brand's product is applied underneath, the Bioquantine won't work as effectively. However, if you would prefer to use other products underneath our cream, please ensure they have fully absorbed before you apply our cream.

5. How long will a 50ml bottle last me?

The rate of usage per bottle can vary based on how often you use the cream, whether you alternate it with other products and how much you apply per use. For best results, the recommended usage is two spoons once a day every day, meaning the product should last you around 6 weeks.

6. Are the ingredients natural?

Our products are developed making sure they do not use ingredients that are known to be bad for the skin such as mineral oils, parabens, certain sulfates, and harsh chemicals. Our creams provide sustainable and long-term benefits for skin health and well being ensuring the skin looks smooth and radiant.

7. Are Regenerage products tested on animals?

Our cream has never been tested on animals during product development or any other stage.

8. Are there any clinical trial results?

During development, our cream has gone through clinical trials. User analyses are still being undertaken and will be  officially published in October 2019.

9. When can I expect results?

Everyone is different, and it would be irresponsible to throw out an exact number of days until you see results. However, in laboratory tests, improvements in the dermal matrix and collagen levels were observable after 9 days. In two months, the changes were obviously and visibly noticeable.

Our user analysis has shown so far that the first benefits can be within two weeks of beginning the Regenerage skincare regimen. Nonetheless, for some users, it can take as long as four weeks. These results can take this long because it takes your skin cells an average of 28 days to renew. As our cream begins to reprogram your cells, visible results become apparent. Since our main ingredient Bioquantine evolves with time, your results are continually improving and make you believe in the power of nature.

10. How will Regenerage help me look younger?

When it comes to your skin, "looking younger" really means two things: not having wrinkles, and looking healthy. Regenerage addresses both of these needs with ingredients like Kakadu plum and other moisturizing agents; your skin will be pleased and nourished as never felt before. Then, the other half of Regenerage is its active ingredient Bioquantine, which eliminates the appearance of wrinkles over time when used regularly.

11. Can you send me samples?

Unfortunately we do not offer samples just yet although this is something we're hoping to do in the future, make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to be amongst the first to find out when these become available. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our expert team with your questions at support@regeneragebeauty.com